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I am standing in front of you as if I was praying
I want to walk side by side
With you at least once,
Just once

Surprise ft. Kris

“Hey…” you look at the tall person leaning at the gates of your campus. “What are you doing? You know you’re not supposed to be here.” you say nervously, looking around to see if anyone had spotted your famous boyfriend.

Kris looks down at you from his big sunglasses, a smirk already appearing from his luscious lips. “Hey.” he said with more enthusiasm. “Can’t I pick up my girlfriend from college?” he asks, a little hurt from the reality, that no, he really couldn’t.

“Yah, what if someone followed you here!” you shout through a whisper, already leading the way to get out of the crowded place.

“Yah?” Kris asks, raising an eyebrow, intrigued by your hurtful choice of words. “That is not a way to speak to your beloved oppa.” he added as a lecture, pouting as you looked back at him with a glare.

You sigh, turning back again to walk towards the bus stop where you usually waited to ride back to your apartment. The whole time you were walking, you made sure to keep your distance, you were always ahead of him, leading the way incase someone were to spot him.

“Are you really going to ignore me?” Kris whispers beside you, holding onto the railing of the bus.

You were about to reply to him before a few of the high school students sitting down started murmuring something about Exo and you knew to keep quiet and not interact with Kris at all, even if it hurt you to give him the cold shoulder.

After the torturing ride back to you apartment, you put it in the code and opened the door, waiting for Kris to also enter as you took off your shoes.

It took him awhile to get to the door, but you heard the familiar sounds of the passcode being entered, before the door was slammed shut loudly, startling you from the kitchen.

“Kris opp-” you tried saying, before being interrupted by your obviously pissed boyfriend.

“Just save it. If you really didn’t want to be seen with me that much, you could’ve just said so.” he tells you coldly.

You stay quiet for a few moments, letting his words sink into your head before realizing that this really wasn’t your fault. “So you’re turning this to my fault?” you ask, holding in a stifle of laughter that only seemed to anger Kris more.

When he gave you no answer, you really did laugh, not believing that this really was happening all because of you.

“Wow!” you say with much sarcasm in your amusement. “So now you’re not talking to me?” you ask, but greeted with no response. “Real mature Kris. Really.” you mutter, feeling hurt from his silent treatment he continued to sit on the couch with his arms crossed.

“Mature?” he asks, slowly raising his voice, but trying hard to catch himself. “Oh wait, I forgot, it was _______ I was dealing with. You wouldn’t know anything else besides mature right?” he snaps back.

The tears that welled up in your eyes quickly fell down, hurt from his cold words, but probably more hurt at the fact that maybe it was right.

Kris stood up quickly from the realization of his words, facing you with an apologetic look. “______, I didn’t.. It wasn’t suppos-”

“Save it.” you interrupt, wiping your tears with the back of your hand. “Maybe you should just leave and find someone else who’s not mature like me. Someone who wouldn’t treasure your dreams as much and risk being seen in public, jeopardizing your job. I’m sorry I’m not as fun and reckless that you want me to be.” you finish, your tears not able to stop streaming down as you head to your room.

You feel your wrist being pulled, meeting with Kris’ chest as he wrapped his arms around you before you could even escape to the bedroom, where you wanted to find solitude in.

“I’m sorry.” Kris whispers, pulling you in closer, as he smoothed out your hair. “I didn’t mean what I said.”

You continue to cry, trying to pull away the tall statue trapping you in his arms, but was no use to his strength. “Would you let me go.” you say in an annoyed tone, not really meaning it.

You hear Kris chuckle and your heart is at ease again, only feeling him tighten his hold on you.

“I’m never letting you go.” he announces. “Not if you agree to go on a vacation with me in…” he pauses, checking his wrist watch. “in an hour!” he says hurriedly, surprising you for the second time that moment, as he bent down to hook his arm around the back of your knee, the other at your back, lifting you quickly to your room.

“Yah! Put me down.” you yell, holding in a laugh, with the thought of a vacation. You feel the comfort of your bed under you as Kris lays you down gently, him hovering on top of you.

His lips gets in contact with yours softly, feeling a smile on his lips as you respond to his kisses. He pulls away and you frown, giving him the satisfaction of giving you his special smirk, giving your lips one last peck. “As much as I’d love to kiss you all day and tell you how much I love you, we really have to pack if you want to come with me to….” he stops, almost ruining the main surprise of the trip. “Oops! I almost revealed the surprise.” he chuckles, getting off of you and heading towards the closet to find your luggage.

You sit up from the bed, staring at him as he moved swiftly, putting in one piece of clothing after another into the luggage. He knew you more than you even knew yourself, already knowing which kind of clothes you preferred for different types of occasions.

“Babe,” he whines cutely, turning his head back to face you from the closet. “are you really just gonna sit there and let me do all the work? We have an hour.”

You guys luckily made it to the airport on time, handing you passport to the lady to check as you headed to the plane, having troubles of putting your carry-on bag on top, on the small compartment.

You hear a chuckle behind you, your bag magically being lifted away and put into the small space, as you look back to see Kris smiling smugly at you.

“Let’s sit.” he grins, letting you take the window spot from the first-class part of the plane, so there’d be less people, and more time for you and him to cuddle.

“Greece? Really, Kris? Greece?” you asked again, still in shock, as he helped you buckle your seat belt.

“Yes, really.” he gives out another chuckle, cupping your cheeks with both of his hand, turning your head gently to face you. “Now can we just both please forget everything that happened earlier and enjoy your spring break in Greece, where no one knows me and just share our time together?” he asks nicely, placing a small kiss on your forehead, nodding.

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