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I am standing in front of you as if I was praying
I want to walk side by side
With you at least once,
Just once

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Second Chance - Chapter One


Message from Angela.

Hey everyone! I’m back with a spin-off from my story, Hidden. I hope you enjoyed Hidden and will enjoy Second Chance. I know some part of Chen and Minah’s story was mentioned in Hidden, but you do not need to read Hidden to be able to read or catch up with Second Chance. It is its own story. But, if you want to, you can read Hidden first, seeing the events that happened, Hidden was first with Suho’s story, then came Chen’s.

I hope I’m not confusing any of you, lol. Please enjoy Second Chance, and don’t be scared to leave comments, concerns, questions, and please upvote.

P.S. I will be monitoring the comments on every chapter, so if you guys are confused or lost, just drop a question, and at the end of a new chapter, I will answer every single question to the best of my ability to make things clearer for you guys. So, ask away!


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Second Chance (Preview)

Hey guys!
Since Hidden is over (sadly), and I have Second Chance ready, here’s a little preview for the first chapter. I was also wondering if I should release the first chapter this Friday instead of next Monday. Tell me what you think at the comments and enjoy!


"Did you just ask me to marry you?" he asked one more time, trying to set things straight.

I nod slowly, unsure of how to explain things to him.

This has only been our fourth meeting, since he left for China to be in the idol group, Exo. The first was very shocking, when I was called suddenly to help with my godchild. Second, was plotting with some old friends to right some mistakes. Then, the third was at the restaurant when my bestfriend got engaged to one of his members. This fourth one would be the first time we spoke face to face with each other.

You can say we haven’t really talked about our issues. There’s still many things that needed to said and done. Especially get some kind of closure.

But I was desperate, and I didn’t have much time. I needed him, and I hoped he would help me.

Hidden - Chapter Twenty-One

Chapter Twenty - chapter image

After Hyunji got ready, she met Joonmyun and Joohyun in the living room, ready to go for breakfast. It was Saturday after all. Weekends were always family days. Since Joonmyun started working as the CEO of Hyunji’s company, he never had much time to spend it with his family.

Even when he was still in Exo, he made sure to get a good education. It was very helpful to Hyunji that he studied business. He knew a lot of things and he was fit to take care of the company, while Hyunji studied. It was one of the terms he agreed on with his parents, who were also running a successful business. They wanted him to have an education and know how to run a company. Someday, he would also be in-charge of his parents’ company. But for now, he was helping Hyunji until she was ready to lead her company.

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Second Chance - Exo Fanfic

"Will you marry me?"

Four words. Three months. Two People. One answer.

After six years of a nasty breakup and being away from each other, Kim Jongdae and Choi Minah gets a second chance to remake the love that they lost. Or so everyone thought.

With Minah’s grandma on the verge of dying, the last thing she wants is to see her only granddaughter walk down the aisle with the man of her dreams. Easier said than done. Minah doesn’t want to disappoint her loving grandma, so she goes out on a mission, asking the one person who would help her, and make everything believable. What’s a wedding if everyone she knew wouldn’t believe it, or worse, be found out by her grandma.

Is there a second chance for these two, or is it another heartbreak waiting to happen?

Spin-off from my other story: Hidden.

You don’t need to read Hidden to read this story. It can stand alone by itself.

[Updated with poster - 7/8]

Hidden - Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty - chapter image

P.S. Before you even start to read, I just want to warn you that I kind of don’t like this chapter… so if most of you agree that it’s horrible, it may be subject to be changed for a better one. Also, the last part has a different feel to it, and really, that’s how Second Chance will kind of be like, so if you have any type of feedback for me, please don’t hesitate. Oh, and I may, just a little bit, try to be a tease at the end of the chapter. (; Also, how’s the new poster?

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Hidden - Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Seventeen - chapter image

After the revelation, Hyunji was speechless, holding onto her daughter tightly as tears started to pool in her eyes. “I.. I don’t understand.” she mumbled, still processing the thought into her head, as some of the crazed fans started tapping on the tinted windows, hoping for their oppas.


“Are you in there??”

“Come out, please!”

All these requests were deafening, until they just suddenly stopped.

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Hidden - Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Seventeen - chapter image

“Hyung…” Kyungsoo paused, walking faster to catch up to his leader. “I talked to my uncle, and he said they’re leaving tomorrow at 11 o’clock.”

When Kyungsoo contacted his uncle that was one of the board members at Mr. Yoo’s company, he was more than happy to be able to help after knowing the situation.

“It’s time the company goes to its real owner.” said the wise old man, who did everything he could to find information about Hyunji and Joohyun’s whereabouts.

“Thanks.” Suho smiled to his member, thankful that they could get this much help.

“Oh! And he’s already talking to the other board members right now. They’re reviewing the legal papers that Hyunji’s parents left about who will run the company. It’ll all be okay.” D.O. firmly believed that everything would be fine.

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Hidden - Chapter Seventeen


“Hello?” Hyunji asked nervously.

“My, my.” the velvety voice of Mr. Yoo covered the other line, simply not pleased by the turn of events. “It seems it’s taking longer, planning the demise of Joohyun’s father.”

“Mr. Yoo.” Hyunji pleaded. “Just give me enough time. Please don’t hurt her.”

Before she could say anything else, Joonmyun had taken the phone away from her, wanting to speak his mind.

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Anonymous asked: Oh my fluffing god your stories are amazingggggg <3 OMG I am in love with hidden! Ur such a talented writer! I hope ur going fine with exams and all! Can't wait for the next chapter :)

Awww thank you sooooo much!! This had just literally melted my heart into jellies. Thank you again, sweet anon! I hope you have a wonderful morning/evening. I’m glad you love Hidden <3 XOXO

Hidden - Chapter Sixteen

P.S. I’m thinking of changing the POV to third instead, because it gets way too confusing constantly writing “you.” I hope everyone can still catch up. If it is an issue though, just tell me and I’ll get right back to writing it in you’s. (:


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