Hidden - Chapter Seventeen


“Hello?” Hyunji asked nervously.

“My, my.” the velvety voice of Mr. Yoo covered the other line, simply not pleased by the turn of events. “It seems it’s taking longer, planning the demise of Joohyun’s father.”

“Mr. Yoo.” Hyunji pleaded. “Just give me enough time. Please don’t hurt her.”

Before she could say anything else, Joonmyun had taken the phone away from her, wanting to speak his mind.

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Oh my fluffing god your stories are amazingggggg <3 OMG I am in love with hidden! Ur such a talented writer! I hope ur going fine with exams and all! Can't wait for the next chapter :)

Awww thank you sooooo much!! This had just literally melted my heart into jellies. Thank you again, sweet anon! I hope you have a wonderful morning/evening. I’m glad you love Hidden <3 XOXO

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Hidden - Chapter Sixteen

P.S. I’m thinking of changing the POV to third instead, because it gets way too confusing constantly writing “you.” I hope everyone can still catch up. If it is an issue though, just tell me and I’ll get right back to writing it in you’s. (:


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New Poster!

Hey, hey, everybody!

I just wanted to telly you guys about the new poster for Hidden. I hope you guys like it, like I do.

Also, I just wanted to apologize for not being able to update yet. I’m currently really stressed with finals for high school, and being only in the second week of college. It’s kinda hard trying to juggle both lives, especially at the age of 17, lol.

I hope you guys understand.

But, I’m really, really, thankful for all the love and support from each and every one of you. You guys rock! No doubt about it.

Happy new year! I hope you have a wonderful year to come. Please update Hidden soon :) it's getting so good. -v

Happy New Year to you too!

Thanks for stopping by and wishing me a wonderful year~ I also hope you have a beautiful year of 2014 ^^

Also, thanks for your praise on Hidden, the new chapter will be coming out soon, hopefully. Please anticipate it~


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New Year’s Resolution

Hey everyone~ I thought it would be nice to state my new year’s resolution here for what I have in mind for this blog.

1. Everything-Exo will be going under construction for a few days so I can update the theme and the stories that I have so far. This one is effective immediately until I finish everything.

2. I’d like to finish Hidden with at least 25 chapters, and update one chapter every week, I’ll make sure to have some free time in between high school and college to finally finish this lovely story, so I can start the ones I have in mind.

3. Have more interactions with my followers. I would really like to accomplish this one, since I feel bad that I couldn’t reply or that I reply to late to my asks and fanmails.

4. Officially open a request page, so my lovely followers can send requests.

5. Just have fun as a writer, and hopefully bring joy to my followers that read my blog. I love each and every one of you. Thank you!


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New Year’s Kiss

So, it’s the last day of 2013, and the last drabble I have before 2014 starts. I hope all you lovelies had an amazing year, and an even more amazing year to come!


- - - - - - - -

"Yah! Do it right, you idiots." you chuckled, holding your camera right back up to your face to take a picture of the foolish boys in front of you.

It was after dinner and apparently Jongin had brought some fireworks and sparklers for everyone to have fun before the new year started, so you all decided to head to the park. Chen and Chanyeol, being excited as ever, thought that it would be fun if all the members present spelled out EXO and 2014 together with the sparklers, while you and Mei, Kris’ girlfriend, tried to take a picture of the word they’re spelling.

"I think I got it!" Mei squealed, pulling the camera from her face, and looking at the picture. "It’s here, it’s here!" she said excitedly, as you got closer to see the picture, followed by the boys gathering in.

You smile at the picture. There you saw: Kris’ “E” with him looking like usual cold city guy image, only that it really was cold. Suho followed with the “X” smiling from ear to ear, as he was looking at the members beside him have fun. Tao was next with the “O” matching the letter with his mouth open wide, his eyes smiling for him. Chanyeol and Chen followed, their numbers “2” and “0” respectively, with them being their funny selves, posing for the camera. Jongin was next, his shy smile showing brightly like the number “1” that he had. Then your boyfriend was last, Lay. He had the number “4”, his deep dimples showing off as he was looking away from the camera. You figured he was looking at yours, which put a grin on your face.

Suddenly, you felt a pair of arms snake through your waist, making you jump back, only to find Yixing chuckling over your ear. “Easy, girl.” he teased.

You turned around to face him, narrowing your eyes with a frown. “It’s not nice to scare people like that.” you whined, sticking your tongue out childishly.

"Aigoo~ Noona’s so cute." Tao chuckled behind Lay, wrapping his arms around your boyfriend’s neck, while he had his arms around your waist.

"Tao…" you warned, trying to sound threatening, but you knew he could beat your butt at any time of the day. "Get your own boyfriend." you teased, earning a laugh from Yixing and the rest.

Mei, who was behind you chimed in, “And no, Taoris is not happening,” making everyone erupt in a bigger laughter, as she clung to her boyfriend.

"Umma!" Tao cried, running off to Suho’s arms, as the leader embraced for there.

"There, there." Joonmyun cooed, patting his back. "I’m sure a guy will eventually like you someday." he continued to tease the lovable panda.

After everyone’s laughter died down and the boys went back to their fireworks, you were sitting beside Yixing at the swings watching the different colors erupt in the dark sky. You couldn’t believe there was less than 3 minutes before the new year starts and you were glad that it would be spending your time with Lay.

"I’m glad I could spend New Year’s Eve with you." you say, looking at him with a smile.

He mirrored your smile, those cute dimples showing as he got up and stood in front of you, holding the chains of your swing. “Me too.” he says softly looking down, as you craned your head up to look at him. “Let’s have a great year together.” he finishes, leaning down to kiss you.

"One more minute!" you hear Chanyeol’s voice from the field, but was too immersed at the man in front of you, and his lips that were connected to yours.

You were sitting for two minutes, before you got up because your neck started to hurt, but Yixing continued the kiss, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you closer towards him. His lips against yours was the most magical thing, with fireworks above both of you, you couldn’t believe you were so lucky to have a man like him to call yours.

It wasn’t until another minute that he pulled back with the biggest grin on his face. “Happy New Year _____. I love you.”

"Happy New Year Yixing." you followed, snaking your arms around his neck and resting your head on his shoulder. "I love you more." you whispered, your hot breath tickling his neck. You giggled at his response, his body tensing as he felt your warm breath. 

"Yah! There’s no way you love me more." he protested, but chuckling as he kissed the top of your head, which reminded you…

"You know you were a little early on your New Year’s kiss." you stated, curious if he heard Chanyeol’s remark.

"No I wasn’t." he just calmly responds, a smile slowly creeping up his face.

You pull your head back, looking at him, wanting to know his reason. “Please enlighten me.”

"I wanted my year to end amazingly at 11:59, and my new year starting beautifully at 12:01." he explains cutely, a blush already starting to warm up your cheeks.

"I was right," you say with a big smile, leaning your head back to his shoulders. "with things like these, there’s no way I can’t love you even more."


SPLAT! You just got snowballed! Welcome to the snowball fight of 2013! Okay so here's how it works, just say three to five random things about yourself then go anon and snowball your five favorite blogs. If you get snowballed again you CANNOT snowball any blogs you've snowballed before, except if you're out of blogs to snowball. Have fun!

Omo, I hate snow! Lmfao, just kidding… but I do hate Michigan weather.

Hmmm, let’s see… 

1. I just watched Miracle in Cell No. 7 because of Exo oppas and I feel kinda bad that I didn’t cry. At all. It makes me feel like I don’t have a heart after seeing Kris, our cold city guy, was the first to break down.

2. I LOVE to dance. Sometimes, I just have this sudden urge to dance when I hear good music, even if I’m in public. My friends say I’m embarrassing. But hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

3. I think I know who sent this, so thanks unnie ♥ (if it really was her… but if it wasn’t, then i’m completely embarrassed, but still thankful! It’s my first ask for something like this, so I appreciate it)


Hidden - Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen - chapter image

“So let me get this straight,” started Baekhyun, the frustration already setting in. “That bastard, who’s supposed to be your legal guardian, was the one that took our Joohyun?” he finished, looking just as upset as the guys who was gathered in the packed living room. Everyone was sitting right next to each other as you filled everyone in with the details about your daughter’s abductor.

You nodded calmly, trying to finish your explanations. “When my parents died, Mr. Yoo  took legal care of me because he was my dad’s best friend. They were both partners for the company and after the accident, he took me in. I guess my parent’s will were read and he wasn’t happy that I was the heir to the company. His wife and kids would treat me so badly, that I ran away when I started high school.” you paused, having the memories flood back in your head. But shaking your head, you pushed away those horrible emotions to continue. “They found me, of course, but he let me live on my own, giving me just enough each month. That’s when I met Minah, and the rest of you guys. I just said that he was my dad to you guys when he would pick me up sometimes from school, so it wouldn’t be a big deal. You even got to meet him once, but he just left saying he was busy.” you say, squeezing your best friend’s hand beside you with a weak smile, as she had tears in her eyes trying to break free. Not even your own best friend knew this about you. You never thought you’d ever share this hidden secret to anyone, share all the pain that you went through. But for your daughter, you’d do anything.

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Thief after Christmas ft. Tao

Merry (late) Christmas to all my cuties! Here’s a short Tao scenario I thought up in my head for only like 15 mins, thanks to Fei unnie and our nonstop chatting of the giant panda. I just had to write about him to contain my constant feels. I hope you guys had an amazing holiday and an amazing New Year. Enjoy!

- - - - - - 

You sat lazily on your couch, gazing by the fire with the warm cup of hot chocolate in between your hands. A sigh escaped from your lips, thinking of how the aftermath of Christmas could have been spent with your loved one, but instead, here you were alone in the living room, along with the decorated tree and unopened gifts just right under it.

The sound of the door being hastily opened startled you, bringing you to high alert as you put your drink on the coffee table, grabbing the nearest harmful weapon you could see, which was only the TV remote.

You waited patiently behind the couch you were previously occupying, before launching the poor remote at the door’s direction as soon as it opened.

“Holy sh-!” you heard a familiar voice yell, dodging the flying appliance, as it broke into pieces hitting the hallway outside your apartment. Luckily for your boyfriend, he had an amazing set of reflexes, managing to dodge the destruction that was sent for him.

“Tao?!” you exclaimed, flustered, that you may have almost killed him with the help of a remote control. “I-I’m sorry. I thought you were a thief, and I got scared, and I… I’m sorry.” you rambled, walking out of your hiding spot, but sounded dejected at the end, before you heard Zitao’s bag drop to the floor, and his chuckle echoing through your apartment as he pulls you in for a big embrace.

“It’s fine, babe.” he reassures you, laughing at your silliness. “But, next time, make sure you just don’t throw random things.” he warms with mischief, looking at you with his sparkling brown eyes. “If I really were a thief, I’d just be laughing at you.” he says, trying to contain his previous laughter.

“But you are laughing!” you hit his chest lightly, laughing along with him. Oh, how you missed sharing these moments with him. Which made you wonder… How was it that he was home already? Last time you checked he was supposed to be with the members for their concert.

He looks at you with a smile, leaning in closer as your lips barely touch. “If you’re wondering why I’m here, don’t bother.” he whispers lowly, feeling his breath on yours, before capturing his lips on yours.